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Future of space exploration: Analysis
Updated: 2022-01-05 17:15:02 KST
The race for space exploration began long ago.
But this year, we are expecting to find out more about the universe from NASA's 'Artemis program' to SpaceX's 'Starship.'
What can we expect in the era of manned space exploration?
For a closer look, we have Dr. Choi Youngjun, researcher at Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute.
Dr. Choi, welcome to the program.

I heard NASA asked Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute to observe solar particles on the surface of the moon for its Artemis program.
A monitoring device called 'Lusem' will carry out the mission.
Could you tell us more about that?

Analysts say the 'Artemis Program' is being postponed again.
Why is that and are there any updates?
Also, what role does South Korea play in it?

South Korea will share space weather information with NASA by measuring the amount of solar particles.
I heard female Korean scientists played a key role in this process.

If things go as planned, SpaceX's launch of 'Starship' will be the largest rocket in human history.
Could you tell us more on that?

The progress made in technology for manned space exploration is overwhelming.
When will South Korea see its own manned space exploration era?

Dr. Choi Youngjun from Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute.
Thank you for sharing your insights.
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