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Artificial intelligence takes human form: Analysis
Updated: 2022-01-14 17:05:29 KST
Not just "AlphaGo" or autonomous driving, but artificial intelligence is taking a human-like form these days.
Arirang TV has unveiled its first artificial intelligence anchor that can speak both Korean and English fluently modeled on Arirang's own news anchor Moon Connyoung.
LG Electronics also unveiled its virtual influencer and singer Reah Keem.
For more, we are joined by IT expert Mr. David Lee, Founder and Captain of Dream N Future Labs also Professor of Art and Technology at Sogang University.
Mr. Lee, thanks for joining us.

These days, virtual influencers based on AI technology are gaining attention.
What's the reason?

What about other countries? Are virtual influencers also gaining popularity?

To which extent do you think those virtual humans can replace real humans?
Some are saying let humans do what they are good at and let AIs do what they are good at.
How would you assess the future demand for AI humans?

We can also think about their economic impact.
What do you see in terms of an AI human market outlook?
It could be an opportunity for start-ups, too.

Mr. David Lee, founder of Dream N Future Labs and art and technology professor at Sogang University. Many thanks for your insights.
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