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N. Korea convenes a planned plenary session and S. Korean official says it hopes for positive results for South-North relations
Updated: 2022-06-09 17:10:20 KST
North Korea is holding a key meeting of the Worker's Party with leader Kim Jong-un presiding.
The meeting began on Wednesday and was reported the following day by the regime's state-run Korea Central News Agency.

"The meeting began with a discussion of the agenda amid a high level of political enthusiasm among all the participants, who are fully aware of their important duty in the historic struggle for the prosperity and development of our great country, and the people's well-being."

While the agenda was not released, likely among issues at hand are the economy, the COVID-19 outbreak, and the serious drought that's hurt the North's agriculture.
Another possible item could be Pyeongyang's next nuclear test, which both South Korea and U.S. intelligence say is ready to go and could happen soon.
This is the 5th plenary meeting of the party's 8th Central Committee, and it'll reportedly continue on through Thursday.
The meeting had been mentioned by the North beforehand.
The Workers' Party said at a politburo meeting last December that there would be a plenary meeting in June to review state affairs for this year and make decisions on "a series of important issues."
In response to the meeting, an official at South Korea's Unification Ministry said the hope in Seoul is that the meeting yields good outcomes for the livelihoods of the North Korean people.
Also, the Ministry hopes that the outcomes lead to actual denuclearization as well as a normalization of relations between South and North.
However, the official refrained from giving an assessment of the meeting, including whether the nuclear test could come at the end of it.
Once there have been clearer announcements from the North, the official said, Seoul will be able to give a more accurate analysis.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.
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