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S. Korea to launch large scale research on Long COVID to develop treatment guidelines
Updated: 2022-06-10 17:05:21 KST
Common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, depression and anxiety, and muscle aches.
According to the World Health Organization, they appear usually within three months from the onset of COVID-19 and last for at least two months.
Data from the National Insitute of Health last year showed that some 79 percent of South Koreans infected with COVID-19 suffered from at least one symptom of Long COVID.
There hasn't been any specific treatment for Long COVID, but now South Korean authorities are taking action.

"A lot of people have been suffering from Long COVID, but there hasn't been any proper research done into it.
The government will launch a large scale investigation to systematically analyze the causes and symptoms of Long COVID and will create treatment guidelines."

The government will conduct a cohort study on 10-thousand people later this year and publish the guidelines in the first half of next year.
There has been research on what people experienced post-COVID, but it focused on hospitalized patients who were severely ill.
This time, the research will also include children, teenagers, and adults without underlying health conditions.

Also, to speed up the testing and treatment process, more medical centers across the country will handle the various stages of COVID-19.

"We will secure more than 5-thousand medical institutions where testing, treatment, and prescriptions will all be possible.
We'll call them 'one-stop treatment institutions '."

These one-stop institutions will include respiratory clinics and other hospitals selected by heads of local governments.
Song Yoo-jin, Arirang News.
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