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N. Korea suspected of firing artillery rounds into sea: S. Korean military
Updated: 2022-06-13 17:06:32 KST

North Korea fired multiple suspected artillery shots into the sea on Sunday, just days after the regime's leader called for greater defense capability to cope with outside threats.
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that it detected several flight trajectories believed to be North Korean artillery on Sunday morning.
It further added that Seoul maintains a firm military readiness stance in close coordination with the U.S.
But, provided no additional details including the exact number of shots or the origin of the firing.
Following the launch, South Korea convened a National Security Council meeting, where officials expressed concern over the North's upgrading of weapons system.
They also reaffirmed that they would respond to such efforts by North Korea in a stern manner.
While Pyeongyang's artillery tests draw less outside attention than its missile launches, the regime's forward-deployed long-range artillery guns are a serious security threat to South Korea's populous metropolitan region, which is only 40 to 50 kilometers away from the border with the North.
Against this backdrop, new South Korean ambassador to the U.S., Cho Tae-yong underscored the importance of Seoul-Washington coordination in dealing with the North.
Speaking to reporters on Sunday, he explained the two countries need to strengthen their alliance based on Washington's extended deterrence.
Cho also expressed regret over the North's continued emphasis on (quote) "power for power" policies.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.
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