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[IN-DEPTH] N. Korea fired five artillery shots on Sunday
Updated: 2022-06-13 17:20:28 KST
So following a tit-for-tat series of 8 missile launches by the two Korea's last week, North Korea fired 5 artillery shots, presumably from multiple rocket launchers on Sunday.
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said that "several trajectories" had been detected from around 8:07 to 11:03 AM, believed to be artillery shots.
It gave no additional details, such as the exact number or the origin.
The latest move is noteworthy as Seoul and Washington had been showing back it's deterrence capabilities to the North after its recent acts of provocations.

So what's on Kim Jong-un's mind? And should we be worried of more firings in the near future?

For this we are joined by GO Myong-Hyun, Senior Fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies here in the studio with us, welcome to the show Dr. Go.
And also joining us is Joseph DeTrani, Professor of Defense and Strategic Studies at Missouri State University via Zoom. Good evening Professor DeTrani.

1. (GO) Even though the latest launches are not a violation of UNSC resolutions, why do you think Pyeongyang is continuing with its launches? How do you read into this?

2. (DETRANI) What about you, Professor DeTrani? What do you think North Korea wants out of these frequent tests? Are they even aimed at Seoul?

3. (DETRANI) What do we know about the type of artillery shots that were launched on Sunday? Are they something new?

4. (DETRANI) The latest launches came after North Korea presided over its fifth plenary session of the ruling Workers' Party's eighth Central Committee. There, leader Kim Jong-un called for stronger "self-defense" measures to tackle "very serious" security challenges in a confrontational manner.
How can we understand Kim's message of a confrontational approach? Will we be seeing more tit-for-tat launches?

5. (GO) What about you Dr. Go, how do you expect North Korea to push through with its inter-Korean policies?

6. (GO) During the fifth plenary session, the North's Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui, who played a key role in denuclearization talks, was promoted to the post of foreign minister, while Foreign Minister Ri Son-gwon has been tasked with leading the party's United Front Department, which handles relations with South Korea.
Could the latest appointments be part of preparations for a more confrontational stance from North Korea?

7. (DETRANI) How do you read into the latest appointment?

8. (GO) Last week, one of our experts Mr. Evans Revere of the Albright Stonebridge Group told us that if Seoul and Washington continue with this tit-for-tat approach, it could pressure North Korea's economy as such launches are costly, what are your thoughts on this? How do you think such an approach could affect the future landscape?

9. (DETRANI) While Pyeongyang's state media reports that the party meeting did not specify the timing of a potential nuclear test, leader Kim remarked that current tensions are "urging us to achieve the objective of strengthening our defense capabilities." We have been asking this question for quite some time now but given such remarks, do you think North Korea's 7th nuclear test could come soon?

10. (GO) Professor, we have been hearing reports of North's potential nuclear test for weeks now, what do you think is causing the delay? Do you think preparations are complete?

Thank you gentlemen for your insights, we appreciate it.
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