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Hot and muggy with showers in inland regions
Updated: 2022-06-17 12:22:22 KST
Good Friday afternoon A warm south-westerly wind is raising temperatures.. And it's quite hot and muggy outside Seoul reaching 29 degrees,, and even hotter in Gyeongsangbukdo province,,, with a heat advisory issued in that area,, please drink lots of fluids,, and if you have to be outside,,, Try to find shade or somewhere cool

And that volatility in the air means showers for some inland regions, including Seoul,, which could include torrential heavy-downpours of up to 40mm with stormy conditions possible,, so be aware of changes to the weather forecast

Overall, the air quality is great But another issue for today is ozone level,.. It's expected to be pretty high during the peak time of ,, mostly in central areas and southern regionsOzone can't be filtered out by a mask so please refrain from unnecessary travel

Well above-normal temperatures should continue for the time being,,, with frequent rain or showers in the forecast And finally, the rainy season is going to kick off early-next week,, starting from Jeju and the south coast

Have a great weekend,, and, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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