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Sweltering Summer Solstice across Korea
Updated: 2022-06-21 07:12:10 KST
Good morning. It was pretty hot yesterday, the weather agency said Seoul saw a high of 29 on Monday but it felt much hotter with patches of sunshine and high humidity.
It's Summer Solstice today and will be hotter Daegu will have another blistering day with a heat wave warning being in place.

A monsoonal front is dropping rain on Jeju this morning while passing rain is in store in parts of Gangwon-do and Jeolla-do Provinces.

Meanwhile, weather conditions in Goheung in Jeollanam-do Province, where South Korea's first homegrown space rocket Nuri will take off, seeing cloudy skies with light winds.

Morning lows are hovering in the low twentiessimilar to the same time yesterday

Mid-summer heat across Korea, Daejeon, Daegu and Gwangju going up to 35 degrees. Drink plenty of water and take it easy today.

With that, here's a look at the weather conditions around the world.
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