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S. Korea declares second Nuri space rocket launch a major success
Updated: 2022-06-22 13:46:05 KST
Mission accomplished.
South Korea has become the seventh country in the world to be independently capable of sending a satellite weighing over a ton into orbit using domestic technology.
At 4 PM on Tuesday, the nation's first homegrown space rocket Nuri soared into the skies for the second time and didn't disappoint.

"The three-stage space rocket, after reaching its target altitude of 700 kilometers, placed both its performance verification satellite including four functioning mini cube satellites and its 1.3-ton dummy satellite into orbit seventy seconds apart at around four fifteen PM."

As confirmed by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute's joint presser at the Naro Space Center about an hour after the launch.

"Nuri reached its target altitude and successfully placed the performance satellite into orbit."

"Like Minister Lee Jong-ho just said, we have successfully carried out Nuri's second launch."

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol wasn't present on site for the event but watched it from his office in Yongsan-gu District and later exclaimed that the "way to space had opened" calling the launch a product of thirty years of effort and also promised the country's aerospace officials boosted support.

"Like I promised in my pledge, the South Korean government will establish a national aerospace agency and systematically grow the industry. Thank you so much. Fantastic job, everyone."

During U.S. President Joe Biden's visit to Seoul last month, President Yoon vowed to strengthen bilateral cooperation on space development particularly the Artemis Program a U.S.-led, international space exploration endeavor that aims to make manned lunar exploration possible by 2025, construct a manned lunar base by 2028.. and in the long term, even prepare for missions to Mars.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.
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