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Extreme heat will ease as the rainy season starts across the country
Updated: 2022-06-22 11:19:01 KST
Good Wednesday afternoon We're seeing back-to-back scorching days,, as warm and humid air rolls into the country,, while the stationary front is taking a break Seoul is less hot than yesterday, but still,, with stifling heat above 30 degrees Luckily,, this will improve tomorrow with nationwide rain in the forecast

And unsettled air will bring showers later today for mountainous areas of Gangwondo province and southern inland regions The precipitation may vary, from 5 to 40mm And Jeju will also see some rain due to a southerly wind from tonight

The main issue for today is the heat alerts heat advisories have been expanded to most inland regions with Daegu reaching 35 degrees,, and Gyeongju climbing up to 37 It might feel even hotter with the humidity So please do everything you can to stay cool in this relentlessly hot weather

Meanwhile,, as a stationary front becomes active again tomorrow,, the extreme heat will ease But the rain will lash down with downpours of up to 80mm So stay weather aware,, and be prepared for the rainy season

Now, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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