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Airports struggle to cope with staff shortages, surge in passenger numbers
Updated: 2022-06-22 14:36:44 KST
Many European airports like the one here, Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is struggling to handle the recent surge in travelers.
And it's an absolute chaos for many passengers who are traveling for the first time since countries began to reopen their borders.

"I think it's horrifying. It's appalling today. They must know how many tickets they've sold. They must know how many people are coming today. So yeah I'm pretty, pretty shocked by it, yes."

So what's causing all this travel headache?
Staff shortages.
Many airlines and airports which laid off staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, are now having trouble rehiring enough workers and have been forced to cancel flights.

"Thousands of jobs disappeared. And all these people have found new jobs with higher wages, with more stable contracts. And now everybody wants to travel again. But the employees do not want to come back to Schiphol Airport."

The number of passengers in the U.S. increased by around 50 percent this month, compared to the year before as Europe and Australia reopened their doors to travelers.
But nearly nine-thousand flights were delayed and 15-hundred were canceled last Friday alone.
Experts say, it will take over a year for the whole industry to get back on its feet and operate at levels similar to before the pandemic.
Kim Jung-sil, Arirang News.
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