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Rain subsides in inland regions with heavy rain alerts on Jeju
Updated: 2022-06-24 13:38:20 KST
Good Friday afternoon The rain has nearly died out in Seoul,, as rain clouds head southward And all the heavy rain advisories have been lifted.. But still, Jeju island and the south coast are expecting pockets of heavy downpours and strong gusts of up to 20m per second on the south-east coast

So take steps to prevent additional damage from downpours And look out for heavy rain warnings and avoid dangerous areas Especially if you live on Jeju island or near the south coast,,, as those areas are predicted to be battered by heavy rain of up to 150mm and 80mm respectively

And thanks to the rain,, the air quality couldn't be better But now it's quite hot and muggy,, with heat advisories, newly issued in Gyeongsangbukdo province and coastal areas of Gangwondo province

Temperatures will ramp up again on the weekend,, hitting 30 degrees in Seoul,, with scattered showers for inland regions And as we head into the early-next week central areas will have more rain

Have a great weekend And now, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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