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Yoon honors veterans ahead of Korean War anniversary
Updated: 2022-06-24 17:29:13 KST
Tomorrow, June 25th, will mark 72 years since the start of the Korean War.
And ahead of that anniversary, President Yoon invited veterans to a luncheon today, and thanked them for defending the nation and liberal democracy.

"The freedom, peace and prosperity that we, the Republic of Korea, enjoy today were achieved by the blood, sweat, sacrifice and devotion of our veterans and UN veterans. We defended freedom together with young people from around the world who believe in the value of freedom."

Invited to the event were some 200 people, including UN veterans who took part in the war, the descendants of veterans, diplomatic delegations and U.S. forces in Korea.
President Yoon cited the successful launch this week of South Korea's first domestically produced space rocket, Nuri, an achievement he said was made possible by the veterans who defended the country.
Yoon pledged more efforts to excavate the remains of soldiers killed in the war and to fulfill South Korea's role on the global stage in defending freedom.
And to five UN veterans from the U.S., the Philippines, Canada and Ethiopia, he awarded the "Apostle of Peace" medal.
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