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72nd Korean War commemoration ceremony held in Seoul on Saturday
Updated: 2022-06-25 14:01:18 KST
In remembrance of 72 years since the onset of the Korean War,a commemoration ceremony was held on Saturday morning.
It was attended by numerous government officials and veterans.
Among them: Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, who delivered a speech.

"South Korea will not forget its patriots and veterans. We will not forget the blood of heroes and the sacrifice of youths who came from far for liberty and peace."

The event was hosted by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs at Jangchung Arena in Seoul.
A total of around 15-hundred vets, military officials, politicians, and ordinary citizens took part in it.
The hour-long ceremony included a poem recitation order of military merits awarding ceremony, and performances honoring the selfless war heroes.
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