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Yoon-Biden-Kishida trilateral confirmed for Wednesday at NATO summit
Updated: 2022-06-26 16:04:54 KST
On the sidelines of the NATO summit this coming week in Madrid, a trilateral summit between the leaders of South Korea, the U.S. and Japan has been confirmed for Wednesday what would be the first such meeting to be held in nearly five years.
According to the South Korean presidential office on Sunday, Presidents Yoon and Biden, and Prime Minister Kishida will have "in-depth" three-way talks on regional security issues.
Officials said, however, that so far, there is no one-on-one is scheduled between Yoon and Kishida, apparently because of thorny historical issues.
Also, it does not appear that there will be four-way talks involving Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand as had been speculated.
President Yoon, though, will hold bilateral talks with NATO's Secretary-General and the leaders of several European nations, including Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

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