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See What I See 2

See What I See 2

Past Program

New K-wave content shared globally via an exclusive planform for Season 2 of [See What I See]
Got questions on new K-wave? We got answers!

By introducing to friends and viewers around the world new K-wave items interpreted through the lens of K-wave messengers, such as tourist attraction, activities, and food in Korea, the show induces the viewers to relate to the content and become intrigued.

Line-up of best K-wave messengers

A member of K-pop boy group, famous creators, models, and influential TV personalities in the entertainment scene join forces as K-wave tourism messengers! What K-wave content would they get to experience and introduce to the viewers?

aster, more powerful influence through the new K-wave platform

A platform is open for K-wave messengers from around the globe to share their content, which is a new approach in the era of K-wave content. The messengers share information they have with each other while engaging in fun chats and provide open tour information for friends and viewers around the world.

Reinterpretation of K-wave content! K-wave through personal lens!

The show doesn’t simply feature K-wave culture as a phenomenon, but rather presents content that contains viewpoints of Koreaphile K-wave messengers and resonates better with viewers.