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All about self-driving cars: Analysis Updated: 2021-11-29 17:18:21 KST

The 2021 Seoul Mobility Show is underway right now and one of the major takeaways of this year's event is autonomous driving technology.
Seoul city has also unveiled its test operation of self-driving vehicles in Seoul's Sangam-dong area.
To talk about this more, we have Professor Hyunchul Shim, Director of the KAIST Future Mobility Research Institute.
Professor Shim, thank you for joining us.

Hyundai Motor unveiled its Level 4 self-driving technology at the Mobility Show.
What tasks can self-driving cars carry out under "Level 4"?
How close are we right now in terms of self-driving technology?

Hyundai says it's currently developing additional technologies like remote control systems.
Will these help ease some concerns on safety?

How are global carmakers faring when it comes to autonomous driving technology development?

We also heard KAIST is displaying self-driving cars and even flying cars at this year's Seoul Mobility Show.
And we also hear that your team at KAIST took part in an autonomous driving car contest today in Seoul and won big.
Please do tell us more.

It's not really a technology issue
But some are concerned about legal issues like who will be responsible if there's an accident involving a self-driving car?
And others are worried about bus and taxi drivers being replaced by self-driving cars.
Any thoughts on this?

That was professor Hyunchul Shim from the KAIST Future Mobility Research Institute. Thank you for your insights.
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